About Us

10tv emerges on the horizon as an alternative. An alternative for those who look out for serious journalism. An alternative for those who want to see the real picture, the unmasked, the original and the scene behind the scene and deed behind the words.

At a time when news channels in Andhra Pradesh became desperate and air even adult content in the race of television rating points 10tv is here to show what a news channel ought to be.

10tv rises to the occasion at a time where all other news channels are promoted with a mere intention of making profit.  A team of progressive ideologists who care for people, who care for society, who care for democracy and social equality came together to form Sphoorthi communications.

Here all that matters is reaching out to masses with truth, voicing the peoples’ issues with commitment, focusing on the other, in fact real, side of life.

10tv aims at a clean broadcast, responsible transmission and news that matters. Here everything is TOLD BOLD!

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